Bitcoin and Crypto in simple language

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in simple language. Where to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrency safely. How to buy Bitcoin from scratch (step by step instructions). The choice of cryptocurrency exchanger. Bitcoin price.
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in simple terms

Bitcoin. Features of blockchain technology. What is Bitcoin for users.

May 26
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Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin price is formed from the balance of supply and demand on exchanges, which, unlike stock exchanges, trade 24/7.A sharp rise or fall in the value of Bitcoin cannot be limited by stopping trading as it is done on stock exchanges.Bitcoin is not tied to any currency or other asset.The amount of Bitcoin is known and is 21 million BTC. Coins are issued or mined according to the plan determined in the code, and depend on the number of generated transaction blocks. Today (April 2020), around 18 512 312.5 Bitcoins were put into circulation. The number of coins issued changes every 10 minutes.

May 26
1 min read
The Best Cryptocurrency Wallets & How to Create Them

Are you ready to buy crypto but don’t yet know how to store it properly? In this guide, we delve into the different types of crypto wallets, how to choose the one that fits your needs, and the steps you need to follow to set them up. Before we delve into the different options, let us briefly explain what cryptocurrency wallets are and how they work.

Sep 14
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