What can you buy with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency?

May 26
1 min read

In the nearest future, everything. At the moment, this process is limited by the technical ability of sellers to accept payment in cryptocurrency.

Japan was a pioneer in the use of digital currencies. The Japanese are not only actively developing technologies but also willing to introduce them. Today in Japan, you can pay for any service or product needed with Bitcoin.

Venezuela went even further. High inflation in the country and US sanctions pushed the country`s government to issue the national cryptocurrency Petro. The government sells oil for this currency. In addition, the Dash digital coin is popular among the population. About 3000 companies use it for payments.

The amount of companies accepting Bitcoin is growing all over the world. Among the largest companies using it are Amazon and eBay. To search for companies that accept digital currency for payment, you can use the service: http://spendbitcoins.com/. Their database includes sellers from Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, North and South America. https://coinmap.org/: service with points on the map where cryptocurrency is accepted. https://coinatmradar.com/: Bitcoin ATM search.

What is happening in Russia and the CIS with the acceptance of bitcoin as payment?

At the moment it is in a standby mode waiting for the adoption of the law on digital currencies.

How to use Bitcoin in a standby mode?

Send it to friends and other people you are familiar with. Transaction between individuals for a product or service. Trade cryptocurrency on the stock exchange.

P.S. Use the time to familiarize yourself with the nature of cryptocurrencies and increase literacy in the digital space. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are not accountable to any authority. Responsibility for ownership, use and disposal lies with the owner. Digital currencies seem more stable than rubles.