Refund policy

This article defines VOLRIX Refund policies and actions based on types of exchange transactions performed. VOLRIX guarantees to any of its users his/her right for refund if VOLRIX does not send the crypto-currency to the user-requested address.


  • This Refund Policy concerns exclusively Transaction fees and users’ funds.
  • VOLRIX will make its best effort to assist the users in case of any disputes related to refunds of purchased crypto-currencies.
  • Refunds and Returns above the original amount are prohibited.

1. General Conditions  The User who has made an exchange order which included transaction fee, or has topped up his account may request a Refund or Return by the Eligibility Criteria as further set out herein. Refund/Return will only be considered where the user complies with the Eligibility Criteria in full. Where the user fails to meet any of the Eligibility Criteria, VOLRIX shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to decline the User’s request for a Refund/Return. To apply for a Refund/Return, the user must request and submit Refund information details to the VOLRIX support address - [email protected]. To prevent Prohibited Conduct, all payments and information related to Refund/Return may be verified by VOLRIX personnel. In such a case, VOLRIX may request the user to provide certain documents, including, but not limited to, identification documents, copy of the user’s Payment Card and Invoice or/and any other proof of the fact that the disputed payment was made. In case the User fails to provide appropriate documents or information within three (3) days upon the VOLRIX request or in case of any doubts as to the authenticity of the provided documents, VOLRIX shall be entitled to decline the user’s Refund/Return request. VOLRIX shall process the user’s Refund Form/Return Form as soon as it is reasonably practicable. Response times will vary depending on stated reasons for the request. In any case, VOLRIX shall notify the user on the outcome of the request by the timescales set out herein. The Refund/Return request will only be approved or declined after meticulous verification made by VOLRIX. NOTE: Submission of Refund Form/Return Form does not guarantee that the user`s request will be satisfied.

2. Transactions involving a Cryptocurrency (i.e. Bitcoin)  Refunds are not possible for all transactions where the user is purchasing a Cryptocurrency. However, in case the user changed his mind and would like to return the purchased Cryptocurrency, VOLRIX would be able to buy it back based on the current market rate minus the service fee for the transaction. In other words, the User can exchange the purchased Cryptocurrency (i.e. Bitcoin) for any existing Digital Currency or Payment Method (i.e. Credit Card payment or Bank Transfer). The reason for such a policy is the fact that the Cryptocurrency price changes constantly, thus the value of the purchased Cryptocurrency at the moment of refund will be different. Additionally, VOLRIX is allowed to reduce the Refunded amount on the exchange difference, which occurs due to the exchange or buyback of Cryptocurrency and corresponding crypto-exchange transaction fee, which accountaned from the original order transaction.

3. Transactions that do NOT involve cryptocurrency Refunds are only possible within 3 days from the moment of exchange. Any additional service fees incurred by VOLRIX as a result of the refund will be covered by the user. For example, payment systems charge VOLRIX for each incoming and outgoing transaction. Therefore, when issuing a refund for a transaction, VOLRIX will send the customer an amount equal to the original transaction amount, minus the service fees for that transaction. The fees for incoming/outgoing transactions varies, but could not be higher than 5% of the original amount.

4. CHARGEBACKS VOLRIX expects the user to contact it using VOLRIX contact details to resolve any problem or issue related to his/her payments before the user makes any Chargeback request. This Section does not affect any rights and/or claims, which the user may have against the bank/financial institution. VOLRIX will investigate any Chargeback requests made by the user and in response will inform the user’s Issuing Bank whether any Service or Transaction has been cancelled. VOLRIX reserves the right to suspend the user`s account and block the user`s Funds during the chargeback investigation procedure.

5. MISCELLANEOUS Any charges, which arise upon processing Refund/Return, shall be borne solely by the user. Such charges will be deducted from the final amount of the Refund/Return. This Refund Policy will be amended from time to time if there is any change in the legislation. Terms and conditions of the Refund Policy are subject to change by VOLRIX. In case the user fails to complete necessary compliance AML/KYC procedures, VOLRIX is allowed to return inicial transaction and charge the commission to cover transaction costs, but not higher than 5% from original amount. In case the user does not wish to accept the revised Refund Policy, he/she should not continue to use VOLRIX Services. If the User continues to use the Services after the date on which the change comes into effect, his/her use of the Services is to be bound by the new Refund Policy.

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